2016 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde Reviews

Alfa Romeo New Models Planned

Alfa Romeo New Models Planned

Alfa Romeo New Models Planned Competition in the automotive world does not seem to be never-ending, especially when looking at market share increasing from time to time. Interest in the market of various new products was able to make many major automobile manufacturers compete for consumers’ attention by offering various advantages in terms of specifications, features, to design. One of the world’s car companies that helped enlivens the luxury automotive market is Alfa Romeo. The company that have already celebrated the birthday of one hundred to five offers some of the latest car models to the market. One of the Alfa Romeo new models planned that will soon be launched to the market is Alfa Giulia Rome. Many consumers are curious and eager to try out the advantages of one of the latest cars from the Italian manufacturer.

The car is not only present in one segment alone but able to cover more market segments ranging from lower to upper class. Of course, in each model offered a wide range of specifications and features to meet the diverse needs of the market in accordance with segments. With the existence of more these options is also one of the manufacturer’s strategy to attract more market share accounted for down to the top class. Giulia models is claimed to be a competitor of the few cars in its class from other manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. Competition automotive products have always experienced exceptional turbulence in the market. The major manufacturers of excellent competition try to get the highest attention of the market to be the best and most popular choice.


Automotive customers must already be familiar with a variety of products Alfa Romeo cars that are already over the age hundredth. Various innovations made by these manufacturers to deliver product quality cars, comfortable and classy. Innovation and development is done not only in terms of machine but also in terms of design, comfort and safety features, or other aspects. Various innovations and changes are made to meet consumer demand for a car that is not only able to provide comfort but also prestige in their social life. Likewise conducted in a variety of Alfa Romeo new models planned in the near future. Giulia models come with a wide choice of models ranging from the bottom up to the top class with the respective specifications and features are seeded in each segmentation.

In the standard model of Alfa Romeo Giulia, they use the 2.0 litter engine with four cylinders into one of excellence. The engine is combined with a twin-scroll turbocharger and direct injection systems. In the model of Alfa Rome the lowest class, the engine offered is achieving power with 276 horsepower driving the rear wheels. As for the transmission to be used, the Alfa Romeo has not given a more detailed explanation. However, the Italian carmaker is expected to offer the All Wheel Drive system as a transmission system on the lowest model.

Another model that will be present to enliven the automotive market in the near future is the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. This model is claimed to be a competitor of the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG. In this model, Alfa Romeo will use a 2.9-liter V6 engine that will be combined with twin turbochargers to generate power up to 505 horsepower with a torque of 443 lb-ft at 2500-5000 rpm rotation. In this model will be offered with a 6-speed manual in order to generate speed from 0-96 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. The maximum speed that can be achieved this car is 307 km/h. With such speed, the driver can feel the incredible sensation in driving their vehicles on the street. This will provide a new experience to drive a luxury vehicle on the road with optimum speed.

Aside from the machine and acceleration which is the flagship of the model Giulia, this model is also planned to be one of the models that offer a variety of elements mainstay of Alfa Romeo started from the design model of a typical Italian, innovation power train, the perfect weight distribution, as well as the unique technical. The long bonnet and the side that looks more muscular design makes this car so special. Wheelbase exist in this car also includes the longest in class and segment. The long wheelbase is aiming to maximize stability, practicality and comfort while driving.

Design models Giulia is a combination of traditional and modern design. Alfa Romeo was always carrying a traditional design on each model are presented to the market. Modern design presented is one form of the Italian manufacturer’s efforts to draw attention to the modern consumer. However, these manufacturers do not forget to keep bringing variety and traditional design typical of Alfa Romeo models that make it well-loved manufacturer until now. Model legendary Giulia has a nose very distinctive trefoil. This is one of the elements of the traditional style is very popular in the automotive world of the past until now.

From the aspect of the interior, the Italian manufacturer is carrying the bold design and driver oriented which puts the main controls are grouped together steering wheel as often encountered in F1 cars. For the human interface is divided into two parts. Offer a simple user-friendly buttons for adjusting the selection of features and infotainment systems. Dashboard on this model also shows excellent touch of luxury and class with the use of premium materials to provide visual comfort for passenger cars.

Another advantage offered at one of the Alfa Romeo planned new models are feature active aero splitter. This feature can be enabled to adjust the down force so the car remains stable when entering the corner or make the car remains in the grip attached when speedy in straight lines.


Of the various explanations and descriptions of the various specifications and features of Alfa Romeo models that will soon be launched to the market, we can know that some of these models have a modern design that remains combined with traditional design which is the style of the legendary Alfa Romeo since the first. In addition, the acceleration that existed at that model is also able to compete with some of the cars of other manufacturers in the automobile segment.


Competition in the automotive sector will never find the end. Various developments and innovations carried out by various car manufacturers to bring the cars that are not only convenient and safe to drive but also provide visual enjoyment for anyone who saw. In addition, the major car manufacturers in the world is also trying to attract more consumers in the marketplace by offering the latest innovations and advanced to the offer price is quite reasonable and in accordance with the segmentation models in each class including what Alfa Romeo new models planned to do for market.

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